How Blue Doors came to be....

In the 1950's, when Americans were being encouraged by Madison Ave to "see the USA in your Chevrolet," motels of all kinds sprung up all across the country.

One such place was the "Shangri-La," a motor court-style motel built near the newly formed Tenkiller Ferry Lake, just north of Gore, Oklahoma.

Shangri-La was a popular place for quite a while.Over the years the motel changed hands several times, rising and falling in popularity. Losing several buildings to highway expansion and ultimately falling into disrepair.

Janie & I would drive by on our way to the lake for weekends and wonder if anybody was ever going to do anything with that place.

On one such trip a "for sale" sign appeared in front of the place almost as a dare. After a brief negotiation with a reasonable seller, we found ourselves standing in front of our stark reality. We were in stunned silence, wondering what we had gotten ourselves into!

We built bon-fires for days and stoked them with everything combustible from a decaying Shangri-La. We salvaged what even remotely seemed useful for the future and roasted the rest. When the smoke cleared we had concrete pads, block walls and possibilities.

We want to THANK the many new friends who have helped us "re-purpose" the bones of "Shangri-La" into the "Blue Doors."

We invite you to come explore our place and make it your home away from home!

Always, Janie & Pat


Our Mission

Blue Doors at Tenkiller is dedicated to the exploration of achieving a sustainable life.


I feel so lucky to have found Blue Doors. Pat and Janie are beautiful kindred spirits. Lovers of the land, sharing their place, their kindness and energy with others. I have been on a journey for the last two and a half years looking for like minded souls. I found some here.
— DeEtte Hankins
This place touched my heart & lit a fire in my soul. Jane & Pat have the most magnanimous spirit & their hospitality is unmatched by any place I have ever visited. I will be returning as soon as possible so I can fly with the eagles & find more unique rocks on the river!
— Angel Johnston

  • Bee keeping

  • Hummingbird and Butterfly gardens